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Magazines Vs. Newspapers

I often think about what makes a magazine so much more appealing than a newspaper. What is it about a magazine headline that captures a reader’s interest? And what is it about newspapers that turn people away? One reason may … Continue reading

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Not Interested…

Last weekend I sat down with two of my friends to discuss how often they read newspapers or the news in general. The responses I got were really not all that surprising, and at this point, I would guess that … Continue reading

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Magazine & Newspaper Sales

For many years, newspaper and magazine publishers have been faced with the reality of falling circulation numbers, and 2010 was no different for most publishers. According to numbers released in October 2010 from the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the average … Continue reading

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The Lack of Interest

  For years students all across the United States have been told that being an informed citizen is essential for maintaining the democratic society that we live in today. If you are not an informed citizen, how can you justify … Continue reading

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Waiting Rooms and People Watching

Recently, I was assigned a project for class in which I had to spend an hour sitting in a public place observing people’s actions. I will admit that at first I was not looking forward to this particular assignment because … Continue reading

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