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Who is more obsessed with celebrities?

The celebrity gossip magazines that are currently in my apartment. Am I considered obsessed with celebrities? My family and I have taken several trips over the past few years. I can remember my mom always making a comment about how … Continue reading

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Current events interview

Trashy celebrity gossip has graced the cover of magazines, the Internet and other media outlets. Media scholar John Hartley has written that news is “the sense-making practice of modernity” and, as such, “the most important textual system in the world” … Continue reading

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The Lack of Interest

  For years students all across the United States have been told that being an informed citizen is essential for maintaining the democratic society that we live in today. If you are not an informed citizen, how can you justify … Continue reading

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Waiting Rooms and People Watching

Recently, I was assigned a project for class in which I had to spend an hour sitting in a public place observing people’s actions. I will admit that at first I was not looking forward to this particular assignment because … Continue reading

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