Did we really need to know that?

Hollywood Sign

As I sit at my computer and browse through celebrity gossip websites trying to figure out what people know about celebrities another question popped into my head. Is there anything that people don’t know about celebrities? Information regarding just about every aspect of their life is out there on the internet for people to read.

In the last five minutes alone, I found out that David Beckham was involved in a car accident, Paris Hilton has apologized to Lindsay Lohan over a comment she made, Kate Middleton went grocery shopping, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might be getting married in their French chateau (this article is even complete with pictures of their home).

Alas, the next question that pops into my head becomes a sarcastic, fill-in-the-blank one: I needed to know this because _________________? I don’t know the answer to that. Does anyone?

The interesting thing is that once I start looking at celebrity news, it’s hard for me to stop. I just wasted almost an hour of my day, and honestly, it was an hour that I needed to use for other things, looking at news that has no influence on my everyday life. The only thing that it showed me was that I just might be as obsessed as everyone else.

As much as I like to deny it, I’ve pretty much always known that I’m obsessed. In my defense though, I would estimate that I spend equal time reading regular news as I do reading celebrity news. I’m not exactly proud to say that I know the real names, along with the nicknames, of everyone on the cast of The Jersey Shore. However, I can proudly say that I am able to name all the countries in South and Central America (it may not sound special, but how many people do you know that can do that?). Sure, I know where Lindsay Lohan is doing her community service, but I also know what President Obama was doing last week.

I’ll reluctantly admit that I enjoy reading blogs such as Perez Hilton more than I enjoy reading The New York Times. I’ll even confess that I think it’s funny when Perez Hilton draws on the faces of celebrities with his little white pen. The New York Times would never do something as lowbrow as that. They only show pictures of war, destruction, and other things that make people sad. The thing is, I still take the time to read it. And you, my friend, should be doing the same.

-Amy Block


About mcjblogproject

Amy Block and Aimee Caneva are students in the Mass Communication and Journalism department at California State University, Fresno.
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