Analyzing celebrity gossip websites

There is a huge number of blogs and websites dedicated to celebrity gossip. Some of the top 15 include some of my favorites; TMZ, US Magazine and Perez Hilton. I will be discussing these popular websites that people regularly check to get their celebrity gossip fix. I will also be analyzing each website and finding similarities and differences between them.

TMZ Website

TMZ has been my go-to celebrity gossip website because of it’s easy accessibility. Not only is there a website, but there is also a television show and an iPhone app, which makes it easy to read their gossip. Whether I am bored or have not been connected to my computer, I can always turn to my TMZ iPhone app to get an update of today’s gossip. Its ease in accessibility has made this website my number one choice. As soon as the app launches, the top stories of the day is easily available to scroll through. It makes it enjoyable because there is enough information to know what is going on, so you are not spending too much time reading the top stories. There are videos and photos uploaded in the app from paparazzi or the TMZ staff.

Perez Hilton website

Perez Hilton is my favorite gossip website when I am online. I was not aware that Perez Hilton (real name Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.) had his own app, but I searched for it, and there was an officially app for his website! I love his website because it gives a spin on the traditional gossip websites. He is known for saying what he thinks and not caring about what others think of him. He takes paparazzi pictures of the celebrities he is gossiping about and doodles on the pictures with his own captions and pictures by using the Paint application located on computers. His iPhone app is almost exactly like TMZ. Top stories are shown once you launch the application. Photo galleries and videos are located on the bottom as buttons.

US Magazine website

Lastly, US Magazine has an online version of their magazine. I have thought about why magazines have online content and it never made sense to me. I have figured out that if someone does not have a subscription to that magazine, they can still enjoy the online, but limited content for free. This can still keep their name out in the public, even though their readers do not have subscriptions. This website has specific categories near the top of the front page and has bright, bold visuals posted all over the site. There are easy links to follow only photos or videos. Just like TMZ and Perez Hilton, their top news stories are easily available on their front page. US Magazine also has an iPhone app, in which their set-up is very familiar. Top stories are on the front page when the app is launched, along with easy buttons near the bottom to view photos and videos.

After doing some research on what format these blogs are using, I came across a website that answered my question. The Directory Journal Blog refers to this format as magazine style layout. Blogs and websites are using this format to evolve from actual magazines. With the Internet, there can be pictures and videos uploaded instantly and updated by the minute when news occurs. This changes the way we find out gossip because anyone can easily obtain updates and news on their favorite celebrities. This website gave both pros and cons of magazine style format for blogs. By having this style for blogs and websites, readers can easily read the stories without having to scroll through the website to find what they want. It also gives the readers more options; rather than just reading about the controversial video of Lindsay Lohan, you can now watch the actual video.

After analyzing these three popular celebrity websites, they all have familiar similarities. All three of them have both online and phone applications available, along with the same format. Top stories are featured on the first page, with easy links to find what you are looking for and a huge amount of pictures and visuals. These websites remind me of  my blog post from last week when I analyzed US Magazine. Comparing the magazine to online content is very similar. It shows that they all follow the same format in order to have easy accessibility and availability.



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Amy Block and Aimee Caneva are students in the Mass Communication and Journalism department at California State University, Fresno.
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